Indigenous Prisoners with FASD: The Law Report

Dear ADJC Supporters,

Last week Roseanne Fulton was again arrested and charged with a set of minor offences and detained in the maximum security setting that is the Alice Springs Correctional Centre.

Roseanne has now spent over 60% of her time since returning to Alice Springs in July 2014 in a maximum security setting. It is unacceptable that the service system continues to resort to detaining people with disabilities in maximum security prisons for people with significant impairments.

Please find below an interview between Damian Carrick from Radio National's Law Report on this subject and myself as Coordinator of the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign

Roseanne Fulton is a symbol of the complexity that we face in this country relating to supporting people with cognitive impairments such as FASD who are in contact with he criminal justice system. Surely detaining them in maximum security is not the answer

Kind Regards

Patrick McGee ADJC Coordinator 0448 610 105