Research Survey: ADJC and Latrobe University

Dear ADJC Supporters,

In partnership with Professor Patrick Keyzer of La Trobe University Law School, the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign is conducting a survey that aims to lead to better service outcomes for people with disabilities who are in contact with the criminal justice system.

The Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign has provided Professor Keyzer with your email addresses in order for the survey to be distributed to as wider an audience as possible.  Your email addresses and the information collected will be treated confidentially and La Trobe University has provided ethics approval for the administration of this survey.

La Trobe University and the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign will be using the information to guide policy development and support efforts for reform to the imprisonment and indefinite detention of Indigenous Australians with mental health disorders and cognitive impairments.

You will shortly receive the survey from Professor Patrick Keyzer and there will be a link to his email address to which you can return the survey.

I urge you to take the time to complete the survey.  Responses must be provided by Tuesday 17 November.  The survey takes about 15 minute to complete.

Thanking you


Patrick McGee

ADJC Coordinator

0448 610 105