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Please find an update from NSW Council for Intellectual Disability below-

Dear all,

We have just become aware that Primary Health Networks (the successes of Medicare Locals) have to complete their local needs analysis by the end of March. From our previous experience, we are very concerned about whether PHNs will have considered the primary health needs of people with intellectual disability.

Our attached fact sheets for Medicare locals aimed to make them very conscious of the stark health inequalities faced by people with intellectual disability and how they could act on these.  This information would also be relevant to PHNs.

We encourage you to contact your local PHN and ask whether their needs analysis has included the health care needs of people with intellectual disability. You could send them our fact sheets and/or seek to input to the people who are completing the needs analysis.  Contact details for PHNs are at

For example, if you are in western Sydney, there is a consultation meeting that you could attend next Tuesday 8 March.

It would be particularly valuable to emphasise issues around mental health as this is a growing area of responsibility for PHNs.

Fact Sheet 1

Fact Sheet 2


Jim Simpson

Senior Advocate

NSW Council for Intellectual Disability

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