State Updates for the New ADJC Website

Dear All,

You may be aware that the ADJC has recently launched its independent website which you can find at

As part of the upgrade of information that is available on the ADJC Website, the ADJC would like to ask your assistance in compiling up to date accounts of the issues and the responses to the imprisonment and indefinite detention of people with a cognitive impairment who are found unfit to plead with a particular focus on Indigenous Australians.

There is also a section on case studies on the new ADJC website and so the ADJC is also seeking de-identified case studies that helps detail the lived experiences of people caught in imprisonment and indefinite detention

I know you are all very busy people but the ADJC has found that having this information available for the community and for the media is invaluable.  Please write as much or as little as you like or call me and I can work with you over the phone to compile an up to date account of what is happening in your state and territory


Kind Regards

Patrick McGee

ADJC Coordinator

0448 610 105