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Aviva Zeigler is a documentary filmmaker and these stories will be worth watching

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Patrick McGee ADJC Coordinator 0448 610 105 ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Aviva Ziegler aviva003@optusnet.com.au Date: Sun, May 1, 2016 at 12:00 PM Subject: REPEAT OF CREATIVE MINDS - 6 PART TELEVISON SERIES To: Susie Carleton susiecarleton@mail.com

*FYI CREATIVE MINDS x 6 PART SERIES that nobody saw on “STUDIO” a couple of years ago is being played live-to-air SBS on Thursdays at 2 pm. * For those who are home during the day or know how to record!!

*BILL HENSON was on last Thursday 28th April. All are interviewed by Robin Hughes. Commissioned by Margaret Murphy.*

They are very simple, engaging, *interview based **stories - I made Elena Katz Chernin. Andrew Arestides edited Stephen Page.*

No idea what order they are being screened but t*he six artists are: *

Robyn Archer Geoffrey Rush Stephen Page Elena Katz-Chernin Bill Henson Kate Grenville

From: Margaret Murphy margaret.murphy@optusnet.com.au Date: Tuesday, 8 March 2016 2:50 pm To: Robin Hughes robin@chequerboard.com.au, Tris Miall < tristram@tmfilm.com.au>, Aviva Ziegler aviva003@optusnet.com.au Cc: Janet Bell janetbell@gmail.com Subject: Creative Minds

Hi All,

Letting you know that SBS will be running the complete series of Creative Minds on their main Free to air channel in May.j

Do pass on to anyone else who would be interested.

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